After graduating from university with a degree in documentary and fine-art photography, I moved to London and started working as a bicycle courier. A few attempts with a camera taped to handlebars, or handheld with a casual eye on the moving traffic, mainly resulted in blurry shots of buses and taxis. A David Bradford in Drive-By Shootings I was not.

After that I started assisting photographers, both on location and in the studio. Over a few years it was interesting observing how differently photographers work, how they interact with people and fulfil their briefs. Occasionally I would have a smaller photography job of my own, but if I am honest, I lacked the self-confidence and drive to make a leap into working as a photographer myself.

Love took me to Berlin in 2005 and while I made a few attempts at pursuing photography, lacking a network and with rudimentary German, I quickly changed fields to web design and development, something I had been doing on the side since university. This is still my main field of work today.

In the years gone by I have worked on a number of small photography projects, but struggled to figure out what to do with the images. Instead of them collecting their proverbial digital dust, I am organising them on this website. I will slowly be adding images and projects, without a clear plan and not quite sure where the road will lead. Starting at the end – the final end – the opening project is Re:death.